Besides Madrid is a blooming, charming metropolis; it’s also an excellent study destination. The city grows fast, new companies flourish, the inspiring working world who enjoys the sunlight.

  • Here some reasons to study in Madrid

Enjoy the sunshine throughout the year.

While choosing the best place to study, think about the climate. Everyday life must be easier in a city with rare rains, while the good mood in Europe’s sunniest city will fill you up with ideas and raise your spirit when the study is rough.

You’re not just choosing a study aim, but an experience. That’s why it’s no small thing that…

  • The food is really nice

Everyone enjoys tapas, right? And it’s the perfect, cheap way to fill up with not being late for classes.

Except fresh eating places showing off new versions of classic coastal cookery, you’ll come by the most aged world’s restaurant, Restaurant Botin that set up about 300 years ago and still gains prizes this very day.

  • There’s no need to be rich there

The city’s perk is the price! It’s only the 49th costliest city in Europe, along with other main expensive cities, though it’s the 3rd major.

When British (3rd priciest) and French capitals (10th) are proud of hustle-and-bustle and art which draws youth, Madrid bids less hum for less money.

  • Legendary soccer teams

Even if you’re not a soccer fan, you’re sure to get excited about the soccer scene. (And if you stand aside anyway, the culture is also fascinating).

Madrid loves everything about football. It’s a homeland for two top teams, Atlético Madrid and Real Madrid. Real are undoubtedly the world’s greatest players − they’re three-times champions of Champions League tournaments and 13-times champs of Championships of Europe. The contest between Atlético and Real is classically intense as it’s related to the uneasy politic background of the region.

Real’s stadium is famous and memorable for the atmosphere of fan’s unity. A visit to the arena includes the cloakroom and the bench.

  • Glory’s everywhere

You’ll be surprised by the city’s glory every day, so vacation will be always few to see everything. Empty the phone memory as it’ll be probably full of pics.

There are various activities in the city: from restaurants and strolls to hitting the stores.

You must be impressed by samples of man and wildlife coworking like El Parque de Retiro, the Royal Botanical Garden, The Madrid Rio ‘urban beach,’ and CaixaForum’s vertical garden. Also if you’re tired of Madrid’s beating sun, drop by one of world-famous art museums and basilicas.

  • Ideal place to study in Madrid and try all of this

And your goal is studying, right?

New Geneva Business School’s Madrid Campus is based in the center near the Palacio de Oriente and has got comfortable transportation. With 30 research centres and plenty of coworking spaces around, it’s the perfect way for developing and testing your business plans and intuition and gaining knowledge, besides the enjoyment of living in the metropolis.

Geneva Business School’s degree in Madrid is an investment in your future.