When it comes to public appearance, making your speech as persuasive as possible is crucial for successful delivery of what you have to say. Most of the time, speakers choose to write their text in advance. While this is an easier option as compared to speaking impromptu, thorough preparation is required to deliver and ground your opinion in an optimum way.

Speech Quality Criteria

A good speech is typically the one that clearly demonstrates your attitude and sounds persuasive to your target audience. This means it should be rich in reasons and constructive criticism. Additionally, it should be structured properly; if not, chances are the audience will be unable to follow your train of thoughts and eventually will not appreciate the endeavor. Just like with any type of academic paper, make sure the text you prepare consists of an introduction, the main part and a conclusion.

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In an attempt to generate a good speech text, it is helpful to keep some key goals of such a presentation in mind, which include:

  • The audience should be given relevant information on the subject;
  • The audience should recognize the urgency and importance of the problem discussed;
  • While you are expected to gain supporters, evoking constructive criticism would be a positive result too;
  • Certain feedback from the audience should follow your presentation.

Some Helpful Tips to Enhance Your Speech

As usually, whether you will be able to succeed with generating a good speech text depends on proper planning. With a clear outline, filling the paper with sound content becomes an easier task. Here’s what you should keep in mind to achieve maximum persuasiveness when preparing your speech at home:

  • Preliminary research should never be neglected. This work step determines how seamlessly the entire writing process will go and what result you will get in the end. To promote a persuasive speech, you have to understand your subject well. So find and analyze different resources to acquire deep and comprehensive knowledge.
  • Picking relevant sources is a kind of challenge too. Make sure you use only reputable websites, study reports or academic papers. This is a good way to base your point of view on opinions of undisputable industry experts thus putting your opponents to a disadvantageous position.
  • Make sure the opening part of your speech is strong enough. This is to help you catch your audience’s attention right away. Define the problem to be discussed and outline your attitude prior to proceeding to your main reasons and arguments.
  • In the main part of your speech, it is helpful to consider possible counter-arguments too. This will make your position stronger.
  • It is a good idea to conclude your speech with a call to action. Summarize what has been said before, stress the urgency of resolving the problem and outline possible ways to work in this direction. Emphasize the need for combined efforts and invite other people to join your project.

These are just a few tips to help you deliver a good public speech. Even if you are not a born prominent speaker, use the guidelines to succeed anyways and earn reputation.